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Are you a community responder in the surrounding Twin Cities area?

If you need a Mortgage, we are the best around! We take care of local heroes with our Serve & Support Benefit program.

The Serve & Support Program  

We value our community – especially those who serve us and our families. We offer additional discounts to community responders as our way of saying THANK YOU!

We have experience doing every loan program available. We know the right questions to ask to make sure you get the right mortgage fit for you – seamlessly. Contact us today!

*Serve & Support Benefit Program: Veterans, Law Enforcement, Firefighters, EMTs, Flight Crew, Nurses & Teachers


Program Details  

The Butcher Team offers a .25% credit to be used towards closing costs, prepaid items or to lower your interest rate.
See below for an example:
Loan Amount: $200,000
Credit: .25%
$200,000 X 0.0025 = $500 Credit


The Serve & Support Benefit program provides you with a discount on mortgage products as our way of saying thank you for all that you do!

Community Driven Since 2002. Every Step Of The Way!

Who Benefits From The Serve & Support Program?


EMT’s are our real life guardian angels. In a crisis, your knowledge and quick response time are quite literally often the difference between life and death. You must perform at a peak physical and mental level under the most stressful of conditions.

Whether it is assisting in a birth, being the first responders to an automobile accident, responding and assisting victims of crime and violence, or preventing those afflicted by sudden trauma or illness from further distress, we count on your expertise to save our lives and the lives of our loved ones. Let us assist in your next home purchase!



We recognize firefighters as an integral part of our community, true heroes who put their lives on the line on a daily basis to preserve our homes and our property, and of course, above all else, to save our lives and protect our families.🔥

Also, we appreciate the community building and outreach programs you routinely participate in that benefit us all. Providing fire safety and life-saving procedures education in our schools, giving free smoke detector checks and maintenance, and educating the public with fire prevention techniques are just a few of the other ways that firefighters make our community a safer place to live. We thank you and appreciate your service.

We recognize your busy schedule ~ We are happy to accommodate whatever hours you are available to discuss our unique program designed to show our respect and appreciation for all you do for our community.



 As pilots and flight attendants, you are an indispensable and often underappreciated part of our community. You spend countless hours away from family and loved ones in order to get us to our destinations safely and comfortably. ✈️ We recognize the commitments pilots make for our safety, spending thousands of hours training so we can be assured airline travel remains the safest and most reliable way to go.

We are happy to work with you anytime to accommodate your unique and busy schedules.



Teachers occupy a special and treasured space in the heart of our community. We appreciate the extra time and effort teachers routinely give to guiding and educating our children to become the responsible adults of tomorrow.

We recognize that your duties rarely, if ever end with the school day, and whether it be spending time helping a student after school, coaching an extracurricular activity, grading exams or papers, attending conferences, or so many other instances where you regularly go above and beyond the requirements of your jobs to enrich the lives of our youth.

We are happy to accommodate your schedule. So whether you have time when the kids are out at recess, in the evening after coaching a soccer game, or on the weekend after grading all those exams, we are happy to meet or discuss with you financing options with our Serve & Support Program.



THANK YOU Minnesota Law Enforcement ~ We appreciate you! You keep our neighborhoods safe ~ you also spend time educating our children by visiting local schools. 🚓

We appreciate corrections officers, who sacrifice personal safety to maintain our justice system. We appreciate TSA agents, who keep our nation’s air travel functioning safely. We appreciate our Federal law enforcement officials. As well as customs agents, DNR officers, Air Marshalls, and so many others; we recognize the importance of all divisions of law enforcement.

The Butcher Team is happy to work with you anytime to accommodate your schedule!



Nurses make up the largest contingent of health care workers with over three million registered nurses, and it is one of the fastest growing professions in the country.

It is virtually impossible to get one’s health care needs met without relying on the service of a nurse. We would like to extend the benefits of our Serve & Support Benefit program to the nurses of our community, and to thank you for your service to us and our families.Give us a call today to get your questions answered about the home buying process. Thank you!


Whether you’re an EMT, Firefighter, Flight Crew, Teacher, Law Enforcement Officer or Nurse  we’re here to help answer your questions to move you forward in the financing process (while finding you the best deal possible with our Serve & Support Program)! Contact us!


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