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No Money & Low Down Payment Loan  

Most homeowners will be familiar with this term already but if you’re a first time home buyer in Wisconsin, this is what a down payment is. The down payment is an amount that signifies a portion of the cost price of the new home you intend to buy. This portion can be 10% more or less in some cases and you’re required to save up this amount in some cases before you can get a mortgage to finance your home purchase.

Although saving up and paying the down payment comes with some benefits, it’s also not easy for some people. This is why we’ll be introducing you to the different mortgage plans at The Butcher Team. These plans require no money down and are most suitable for people who can afford the monthly mortgage payments but are finding it difficult to come up with a significant portion to save.

Program Details  

The Butcher Team offers a variety of financing loans suited for those who would like the Low Money Down/ No Money Down option such as:

  USDA Rural Development Loan

The VA Home Loan

FHA Home Loans



If you’d be buying your new home in Minnesota and would need the best lender even when you’ve got no money down, then you may as well agree with me that The Butcher Team/ Powered by GSF Mortgage is probably the best you can find around. Why?

A great lender is one that will communicate with you and help you answer important questions as regards your purchase, here at GSF, our happy and satisfied clients are a living testament to this. After we help you solve all your problems and close on time, we still keep in touch because we prioritize our clients, their needs and every other issue they may have regarding their mortgage. Give us a call today!

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